Maviga, from field to factory - image of deep blue sky over yellow field  

Maviga N.A. Inc. Canada

The principal activity of the Maviga group is the origination, processing and trading of dried edible pulses (peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas) as well as other special crops including popcorn, canaryseed and sunflower seeds. With offices and expertise in Spokane (USA), Guamuchil (Mexico), Maidstone (England), Geneva (Switzerland), China and South Africa as well as Regina, Maviga is able to provide dependable quality, service and information to customers throughout the world.

At the grower level, Maviga enters into production agreements, contracting with farmers the pulse variety, acreage, and price prior to planting. Local field personnel then oversee the production cycle from seed to silo. Maviga also originates raw material off the farm after harvest as well as ready processed and graded in a bag.

Licensed and bonded with the Canadian Grain Commission, Maviga N.A. Inc. Canada works with numerous processors in Western Canada to try to process product locally. The emphasis is placed on quality control and consistency throughout processing, and the quality of processed and graded material is always re-checked prior to shipment.

Through an extensive network of intermediaries, importers and end-users, Maviga sells and ships bagged, processed product to over 70 countries around the world. In all of it's functions "from field to factory", Maviga combines high standards of efficiency and integrity with aggressive and competitive pricing.